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Grammar exercises, vocabulary exercises and skills training materials
(presentations, meetings, negotiations, logistics, finance, telephoning)

Welcome to English Toolbox, a service that provides Teachers of English as a Second/Foreign Language with the materials they need to make lesson planning as painless as possible. Created by a staff with an MA in TESOL/Education, TEFL training and years of overseas experience, the grammar exercises and Business English lesson plans available for purchase on this site begin at less than one U.S. dollar in MS Word or interactive computer formats.

Each exercise has at least twelve questions, and tests grammar, vocabulary, skills or comprehension

There are no logos, copyrights, or other identifying marks on the exercises: you can brand, change or customize them with your own name, school, etc., so no one needs to know that you didn't create them yourself!

General and Business English, with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels in each

Over 1,000 lessons in our library, with more added every week

A monthly subscription gives you maximum value, allowing you ten credits per month to apply towards buying materials (see "How it Works"). Larger subscription plans are also available.

Fast download speeds for even the slowest networks

Audio files to "train the trainer" and review best practices

So take a tour of our site, and look at a sample lesson. If you subscribe, you can cancel at any time, so give us a try and stop spending your nights and weekends planning classes!

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