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Grammar and Business English Exercises Samples 

All of our grammar and Business English exercises are available in two formats: a Microsoft Word document and an HTML interactive quiz.  You can choose which version you want to download, or download both, and the appropriate number of credits will be deducted from your subscription. 

MS Word version—Our exercises use a minimal amount of formatting so that you can customize them in the style that you desire.  You can change the fonts, type size, add logos or teacher/school names, etc.  You can delete/add/modify/re-arrange the questions, and print out or e-mail the final product.  Note: the exercises are formatted for A4 size paper: if you use U.S. letter or legal size, the questions may spill over onto an extra sheet.  However, this can be easily corrected by adjusting the font and/or type size, margins, etc.  To see a typical example of a Word version of our exercises, click here.

HTML version—Our interactive computer exercises are designed to give your students the ability to practice and learn English in a fun and more dynamic way outside the classroom.  Although they include the same content as their matching Word documents, the HTML exercises can automatically re-scramble questions and answers each time they’re loaded into a browser.  They also include additional feedback on correct/incorrect answers; give a running and final score; and can be saved and repeated until the student is confident s/he has mastered the grammar point, functional language or business skill being taught.  The HTML exercises can be uploaded to a school’s intranet, or can be e-mailed to the students directly so they can keep them on their computers to practice again and again.  To see a typical example of an HTML version of our exercises, click here.

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